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Artist, Filmmaker, Animator

Programmes that I use

Every craftsman needs their tools, and a digital artist is no different...

ProCreate - Hand-drawn designs for that personal touch.

After Effects - Bringing the Creations to Life
Premiere Pro - Bringing everything together and editing the Video.

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About Me

Hey, I'm DARN.

I am a Artist/ Animator/ Filmmaker from Ireland, currently studying Animation at University of Ulster.

My goal is to always create innovative, high-quality work that genuinely impresses everyone who views it.

To achieve this, I'm continually honing my skills in Art, Design, Comicbook Colouration, Animation, and Motion Design. As a result, I spend a lot of time working in ProCreate (as I feel the creative freedom and ability to design work by-hand is unmatched), and After Effects.

My passion is bringing worlds to life, and creating immersive narratives that encapsulate the audience, regardless of the platform. And I bring this passion into every project I work on to deliver the best final product.

This website features a portfolio of some of my previous projects. Please feel free to contact to discuss any commissions or collaboration enquiries you may have.


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